Marathon Training

Basically, it’s all my sister’s fault. Last spring she suggested that we become marathon runners. This is her, “Let’s become runners!” And this is me, ” Okay!” Stupid.

We were both over-weight, out of shape, and beginning weight loss regimens with our doctor’s help. So we made a bet; whoever could run a mile in under 15 minutes by July 31 would win $100. And whoever could run a mile in under 10 minutes by Christmas would win a new Ipod of their choice. We’ve basically lost track of the bets. But I got the crazy idea that I actually could run a marathon and so in November of 2010, I started training. Again, stupid.

What did I know?! Marathon training is no joke. Running period is no joke. Everything affects your ability to run distances well. If you’re hungry, you run out of steam. If you’re sleepy, you’re sluggish. If you’re sick, you get winded easy. And if you’re injured, good luck running at all. Add to that the fact that you need to learn how to run, how to run distances, how to run uphill, how to run downhill, etc., and you might be tempted to give up before you start.

But here I am, February 2011, and I’m still training. My first marathon will probably be in the late spring so I chose an 18 week program (well, my husband chose it for me). And even though I started the last week of November, I am officially in week 7 of my training program. Due partly to a break in my schedule for the holidays. But due mostly to all the problems I’ve encountered so far.

I’ve had multiple injuries, including a strained tendon in my foot, runner’s knee, and minor shin splints. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have 4 kids, all of whom are at home because I home school. One’s a baby who refuses to sleep. One’s a potty-training toddler who needs to be taken to the bathroom at least twice during the night. One’s a seven year old who has recently started taking naps during the day so he can stay up later at night. (He hates having to go to bed before his younger siblings). And one’s a teenager who can’t wait to get out of this den of babies and start public high school. So marathon training has been a challenge to say the least.

In my first run with Cristie back in June I ran a mile in 13 minutes, 45 seconds. When I started officially training to run a marathon I could run a mile in 12:50. But in just 2 months of training, I can run a mile in 10:41. My first major goal is to run a mile in under 10. Any guesses on how long it’ll take?

I had a really good 5 mile run yesterday, for the first time in a while. After weeks of injuries and sickness, I have accepted that things don’t always go the way we plan. But if we are faithful we realize they always go the way God plans to benefit those who love Him.

Hey, maybe not so stupid after all.


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4 Responses to Marathon Training

  1. This is really inspiring! I like that you have started to blog 7 weeks into your training. This lets me know that you are persistent, and have reached certain goals, and i get to hear about the results. Keep running. I will be following.

  2. TRACEY says:

    I love it!! I’m not a runner, but after reading your blog I really want too…lol. I’m starting a new work out class, I hope I’m as sucessful as you are. I can’t wait until you run your first race!! Go Ro

  3. Cristie says:

    You got this Ro. I know I got you into this but look at you. You have well serpassed me. And can’t even hope to catch up, but I will come close. You got this!! So PROUD!!!! And oh, we are not overwieght. We are fluffly, fine, and fierce!! Watch out now!!

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