And I Carried The Gatorade

I ran 12 miles! That’s one-two. And that’s miles. 12 miles baby!!

It was awful. It was long, tiresome, even a little boring since I ran a trail instead of running through my neighborhood – they need to put some movie screens or something out in all that wilderness. I was even a little scared. The area is called Wallkulla County. And I ran past a truck that had the American flag and “Willkillya County” plastered all over it. (I definitely picked up the pace running past that van. My 12 minute mile was like 3.)

But I had the best time. Just me, a bottle of Gatorade, and my iPod. And since my 10 mile run a few weeks ago was so hard simply because I didn’t have any water until mile 8, I carried the Gatorade the entire 12 miles. You know, when you’re at mile 1, 12 miles can seem kind of daunting. So then I thought 6 miles out, 6 miles back. That’s not so bad, I can do that. But even that seemed like a lot. So I just ran. I stretched…did a 3 minute warm-up walk…and took off.

I mean, it was 12 minute miles so we aren’t talking about lightening fast or anything. I felt slow. But I felt comfortable and I felt like I could finish.

This kid, maybe 19, 20 years old breezed right by me and smiled. Now HE was lightening fast, had to be running 20, 30 seconds a mile. 🙂 But it was weird because it wasn’t a “look at the slow old lady” smile. It was a “hello fellow runner” smile. I was like, yeah, I guess I am a runner. Or at the very least, I will be.

Today my pastor said that God’s promise is permanent. It doesn’t matter how much you delay it with your foolishness. And it doesn’t matter how hard the enemy tries to slow or stop your progress. So if God chose you to be a marathon runner, He did so before the foundation of the world was formed. And you already are a marathon runner, even if you’re running your first mile for the first time at the age of 50. (That’s not my age by the way, I’m just sayin’…) 

So next week, its on to 13 miles. And even though I haven’t moved from this spot on the floor I’ve been sitting in for the past 3 hours, and I have ice packs on both knees, I can’t wait.

I’m a marathon runner baby! That 20 year old don’t want none of this!!


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6 Responses to And I Carried The Gatorade

  1. Tracey says:

    I’m so proud of you. And that 20 year old was checking you out. He was. …I know it. I wanna run

  2. Tracey says:

    Don’t worry about the pain, it will get better in time, or put some windex on it.

  3. Cristie says:

    I’m about to cry. You are such an inspiration. And you know what? You know what? IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF ME. Ok you, and da Lord too. But for real. Go Cristie. LOL. Seriously, so proud of you. That is so incredible. Do dat 13 YO!!!

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