I feel like I’m being punked, played, duped, had, swindled, carried – and as many more as I could think of if I had the time.

Of all the minor injuries I have had since I started marathon training, my shin just doesn’t want to heal. It’s still bothering me to the point of causing me to limp sometimes. And it’s sooo annoying me right now. I’d hate to not run today – particularly since I ate like 3 slices of pizza, some fries, and a big ole cup of orange soda for dinner the other day – but I also don’t want to exacerbate (is that how you spell that?) the injury and risk some kind of permanent problem.

So even though I’m supposed to be running 13 miles today, I can’t. And I can’t decide between running and walking for 13 miles, running for less miles, or not running or walking at all until it heals completely.

I want to release some aggravation but I can’t curse in my blog. (Can I…?) So as my kids have heard me say tons of times instead of the s-word, Shalamar!!!! 
What do I do??


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One Response to Shalamar!!

  1. Lol…sugar honey ice tea, fiddlesticks, dang-nabbit, shootsnladders, fishnchips, gosh-darn, flim flam, peter-paul-mary…gee willikers

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