A Junkie For Running

Well, its official. I’m on a break due to injury and I’m not supposed to run until my shin heals completely. You’d think I’d be relieved but kill me, kill me now.

I am officially a junkie for running. I remember one particular move-in day at Virginia Tech. The campus was hectic. U-hauls, trucks, families everywhere, helping kids move back into the dorms. And as we drove up I saw this girl on her run. I was like, “For real?! On move-in day?? That’s crazy!” And my dad said, “No, that’s just what you do when you’re a runner, you run no matter what.” And I remember thinking that was the coolest thing ever but it could never be me.

Well, it’s me. I feel like screaming every time I go outside and see people running. And what I thought would be a couple of days at most will probably end up being a couple of weeks of no running.

My mom was like, what do want more, to take a little time off to heal or to run on an injury and risk permanent damage. Well duh, when you put it like that, it’s an easy decision – run anyway and risk permanent damage.  😀

But in the end I did the right thing; no running, ibuprofen with meals, and lots of time with my leg elevated and iced. Hey, if it will make me a better, healthier runner its worth it, right? (With a tear trickling down my face…) Right!!!


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3 Responses to A Junkie For Running

  1. Ruben Arana says:

    Aaaaah yes, the pleasures of a healthy addiction. Its funny because I am noticing runners everywhere. Its like when you never noticed a car, then you buy that model, and you start seeing them everywhere. I notice the 13.1 and 26.2 stickers as well. Go get your running fix.

  2. joann williams says:

    It looks like u are truely into this endevour and that’s great-that little piece of life that’s yours n yours alone keep up the good wk – it’s great that u’re able to bal. all the many pieces in your life!

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