Magic Shoes Or Clown Shoes

I finally went to a specialty running shoe store and had my gait assessed. Then I was fitted for an awesome pair of running shoes. They set me back a grip but man was I excited!

The only thing is the shoes are huge! I’ve been running in shoes 1/2 size bigger than my regular shoe size.  But apparently that’s not big enough.  Your feet swell when you run so you need extra room to allow your feet to get all fat and still be comfortable. The salesman at the shoe store informed me that he fits runners with toe space about the size of a thumb. So he fit me with shoes another whole size bigger. So now I’m wearing running shoes a size and a half bigger than my regular shoe size. Are you serious??!!?!

The first time I ran in them, I think I tripped more miles then I ran. I mean it’s hard getting used to shoes that much bigger then what you normally wear. I thought surely the salesman made some sort of mistake. I felt like I should have also been wearing a red nose while climbing out of a Volkswagon Beetle with 12 other runners.

But then a strange thing happened. I was set to run 4 miles but when I finished the 4th mile I wasn’t tired so I ran one more. And then the next day it happened again. I was set to run 6 miles but I finished 6 and wasn’t tired so I ran 7. What was going on here? I mean were these clown shoes or magic shoes?!

I remember reading that the running shoes you wear can have a huge impact on your running. The right shoes can improve speed, increase stamina, even reduce injury. I thought it was true but that it couldn’t be THAT true. They’re just shoes after all, you just have to know how to run and keep at it, right? Wrong.

So if you’re thinking about running, do yourself and your feet a big favor (no pun intended) and get professionally fitted for a good pair of running shoes. You might feel like Homie the Clown at first but you’ll run like Jackie Joyner-Kersee!

Boom baby!!


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One Response to Magic Shoes Or Clown Shoes

  1. That is sooo funny…but timed shaved off your miles speaks volumes. When you are running that 26th mile and your feet are saying “aaaaah, these piggies got some room” it will all be worth it.

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