Finish What You Start

So apparently there is some debate in the marathon world about whether it’s okay to walk at any point during a marathon. A few of the running “elite” argue that if you look at its history, the entire point of a marathon is to have the physical endurance to run 26.2 miles. They say anyone can “walk” that distance, the test is in being able to run it.

You gotta be kidding me. (Said with the utmost respect. :-)) A couple of years ago I couldn’t have walked 26.2 miles of you paid me. You could have put me on one of those moving sidewalks like they have in the airport and I still would have fallen out long before finishing. You could have given me a Segway to ride for the first half and I still would have fallen out before finishing the second half. Shoot, you could have parachuted me in at mile 25 and I still would have fallen out before crossing the finish line.

There was a story in the news a few months ago about how this guy who weighed like 400 pounds completed a marathon. And he beat his own personal best time. He ran the first 8 or 9 miles and then walked the rest. A 400 pound man ran 8 miles and then walked another 18.2 miles!! What??!! The winner probably weighed 125 pounds and ran it in like 2 hours but this was the story that got headlines.

Marathons are definitely a test of strength and endurance. But it’s not a race against others. My opponent is myself. Kinda like life. Can I do my absolute best? Can I keep going no matter what? Can I move forward, putting one foot in front of the other until I cross the finish line? That’s the true test. The strength and stamina needed to complete a marathon, whether it be running or walking, is a supremely worthwhile accomplishment. Marathons are not always meant to be run but they are always meant to be finished.


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6 Responses to Finish What You Start

  1. Ruben Arana says:

    You know, I kinda like the idea that you should run the whole thing. I know that I wouldn’t even think about competing. I’m thinking it weeds out the suckas…and when it comes to running 26 miles, I’m a sucka. But go ahead and run that, do you!

  2. JoAnn Williams says:

    There’s a poem i like that talks about when life gets hard you keep on pushin no matter what. it says at one point ” rest if u must but don;t u quit” I think for some one runnin in a marathon that would apply, so what if u have to slow down or walk for a while the focus should be on doin what’s best for ea individual and tryin to finish no matter what ! there was a story on the news in va beach,va where a 23 yr old didn’t know how to heed his body’s stress signials durin a marathon there n sadly he died so I say run runner run but do what’s best for YOU! there will always be another race to run. Be really ready to do whatcha wanna do. that’s what God put in my hrt to share peace n love to ya

  3. JoAnn Williams says:

    all righty then – Keep on pushin yeaaaaaaaaa!

  4. dedove says:


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