The Truth About Marathon Training – Part 1

I’m back and in full effect. It has been a long hard road back to blogging but I am renewed and completely determined to continue detailing this journey, hopefully for someone’s benefit but if not at least for my own.

You see the reality is that no amount of research, reading blogs, or hearing others’ testimonials truly prepared me to train to run a marathon. No matter how much I thought I knew, the biggest lessons I  learned about training came from training.

To say it has been difficult would be a gross understatement. It has been so difficult that I really believed I couldn’t do it, I seriously contemplated giving up on the whole idea. Distractions and frustrations came in like a flood and I almost accepted that I just couldn’t do it. (You know how the clunker you used to drive back in the day would sometimes stall out and in your attempts to get it to start you would actually flood the engine and now the good-for-nothing hunk of metal refuses to start completely and you’re left stranded in an empty mall parking lot looking like boo-boo-the-fool?? Yeah, I felt like that…)

Besides, If I had thought about this running thing more thoroughly, I probably would have come to the conclusion that running was not an ideal match for me. Out of shape, weak knees, and a permanently torn tendon in my right foot does not sound like I should be running marathons, does it?? I should have been like a professional Scrabble player or something. Anything that required no lower body strength.  (Although my Scrabble skills are sorely lacking as well. But I’m still totally addicted to Scrabble for Android) 🙂

But the first thing I truly learned from this process was not about running at all; it was about myself. I learned that even though a big part of me wanted to give up, a very small but much more determined part of me really wanted to run a marathon. The big part had tons of excuses but the small part didn’t care. It wanted to run a marathon.

You see doubt and fear and frustration will be loud, very loud, and will feel huge, larger than life. But the truth will be that small quietness inside that just refuses to go away. And it won’t overpower the distractions and frustrations, it will simply wait for you to pay attention to it, no matter how long it takes. For me truth was not only that I can do this, I can train and run 26.2 miles. It was also that I really really wanted to. I want to conquer the marathon and me, myself, and I will not be cool until I do.

So stay tuned, I’m going to tell you THE TRUTH about marathon training. Its gonna blow your mind! (Or at least blow your eyebrows up a couple centimeters.)


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One Response to The Truth About Marathon Training – Part 1

  1. Ruben Arana says:

    Very well said. So often we think about how a negative or discouraging word never goes away, but it can be said that what God puts in us to do also never goes away. Enjoy your midnight run.

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