The Truth About Marathon Training – Part 2

I am beat. I ran 15 miles today and I’m exhausted. I have a ways to go before I’m ready for this marathon. (Oh yeah, I’m running the Tallahasse Marathon on Feb. 5. Very excited but scared to death).

While I was stretching for the run today, a family was nearby and started asking me questions about my gear. I was putting on a fuel belt and the little boy was like, “Look mom, she has a water necklace!” A fuel belt is basically a belt you wear with little water bottles on it, usually 2 or 4, as well as a pouch for fuel packs, little packs of food full of carbs to give you energy on distance runs.

But while I was answering there questions (and listening to the little boy explain how easy it was to run 26 miles) I realized a lot of the questions they were asking I was asking a year ago. But I had no one to ask, I kind of learned as I trained. I remember how stupid I felt not knowing what stuff was. For example, it took me forever to learn what your “pb” is. (Personal Best) That sounds obvious now but I really didn’t know then. I thought it was some type of sandwich. 🙂

And then something else occurred to me. The more I ran, the more I saw others do things that the books and running experts tell you not to do. You see It may feel like everyone knows what they are doing but the truth is that everyone does not know what they are doing (…wait, that double negative sounds weird :-)) Basically, many people out there running are just as clueless as I am. I’m not the only one who does not know how to run downhill or how much water to drink or how to tie my shoes so the strings don’t rub against my ankles while I’m running and get on my nerves.

If you are training for your first marathon the truth is there are tons of new runners out there who have no idea what they are doing either. (More or less…there are those who seem to do everything perfect straight out the gate. Man those people are irritating! :-)) So never let not knowing prevent you from doing something. Its in the doing that we really learn the most. So you wanna run a marathon? You have to train to run. And you have to learn to train. But you also have to train to learn.

So get going! There’s a whole boat load of stuff out there for you to learn how to do so get started on the “doing.” You can’t learn it all by reading and researching all day. (Although you should read this blog…ALOT.)


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One Response to The Truth About Marathon Training – Part 2

  1. Ruben Arana says:

    That’s so on point. You have come a long way and brought a wealth of knowledge with you. Please continue to share with those “clueless” folks out there. “Its in the doing that we learn the most”. I’m going to post that on my page. 😉

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