My First Half Marathon

I am running my first half marathon tomorrow. You may be wondering why not the full marathon. I’m a little irritated myself but I will do my best to stay calm while I explain…

Apparently, the Tallahassee Marathon has a time limit. 6 hours. That may sound like a lot of time but 26.2 miles is a long way. I only run about 4 mph when I run distances like that which means I won’t be done in 6 hours. More like 6 1/2. And guess what happens if you’re caught on the track after 6 hours? You’re picked up and driven to the finish line! Talk about embarrassing. I refuse to be the last broke-down runner out there who couldn’t manage to drag her tired butt across the finish line within 6 hours.

And since all marathons don’t have these time constraints, I’ve decided to just run the half and look for a marathon coming up that allows runners of all speeds to finish. Some marathons, like the one I was going to do last August, even have walking divisions. I guess they figured “Hey, take all the time you need…your slowness isn’t bothering us.” 🙂

Anyway, per marathon traditions, I just had a huge bowl of pasta, drank lots of water today, and I’m heading off to bed around 9pm to get a good nights rest. The race starts at 730am.

So hopefully you’ll cheer me on and stay tuned…this is sure to be quite an event!


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